Home & School Association

 What It Is?

We are a volunteer organization that consists of both parents and school staff who are actively committed to ensuring that the education, health, safety and social well-being of our children are a priority for all.  Upcoming meetings are posted in the weekly newsletter and on the website’s calendar.  The meetings are open to every parent and/or guardian.  We encourage your participation and input.  The Petite Home & School is guided by two parents who act as treasurer and communications recorder.  At the first meeting in September, the parents in attendance can forward their names as willing participants for the two guiding positions.

 What We Do?

We talk about everything and anything that is important to the Petite Riviere Elementary School community.  Meetings generally include reports from the members organizing current or upcoming events, a financial overview and discussions of plans for future activities.  Our main priority is raising funds to provide supplies, resources and special opportunities for our students.  Our goal is to use our funds to enhance student life at our school.