Petite Riviere Elementary School is the Recipient of National Recycling Prize

Hello Petite Riviere Elementary,

 Thank you for participating in the 2017 Plastic Bag Grab challenge. This year, 541 school from across Canada collected 2,339,717 plastic bags for recycling, and engaged their communities on the importance of the 3Rs hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle.  

 By collecting 2096 bags, Petite Riviere Elementary diverted 16.8  kilograms of plastic from landfills and waterways. The plastic bags will be recycled domestically into new products, such as plastic lumber and outdoor furniture through TREX.  As part of the challenge we also asked schools to creatively show off their efforts through photos and videos on social media.

Congratulations are in order! Petite Riviere Elementary is a Community Engagement/Social Media prize winner in Nova Scotia for the 2017 Plastic Bag Grab challenge! Your school will be awarded  $1,000  that can be used toward an environmental project or initiative. Prizes will be distributed in early September and we look forward to hearing how your school will apply the winnings!  

 We truly appreciate your participation and dedication to the environment. Have a great summer vacation, and we hope Petite Riviere Elementary will participate again in 2018!  

 Plastic Bag Grab challenge Team
Recycling Council of Ontario