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PRES Choir 2016

On Thursday April 7th our School Choir under the direction of music teacher Ms. Gwen Rowe participated in the Lunenburg County Music Festival.  We are very proud of their performance and accomplishment. Ms. Rowe will share with us all the details in next week’s issue of our newsletter.  We just wanted to send a shout out for a marvelous performance by our students.  Music Monday is coming May 2nd. Stay tuned, it will be an opportunity to hear the choir live!


Bus Behaviour Expectations 2015-2016

The goal is to get home safe by being a RESPONSIBLE passenger on the bus!

Minor misbehaviours are:

  • Standing in seat, in aisles when bus is moving
  • Standing on seat
  • Changing seats. Seat changes are at discretion of driver. All students have assigned seating
  • Using a loud voice

Action Taken for Minor Misbehavior problems (age and grade will be taken into consideration)

  • The driver will tell the student to stop.
  • If behaviour continues, driver will report the problem to the principal and guardians for additional support in getting behaviour of student to change
  • If becomes chronic, loss of recess/lunch playtime (1 -2 days) to review expected bus behaviours, reflect and rethink their plan. Guardians are contacted for support.
  • Could result in bus seat change

 Major Misbehaviours are:

  •  Moving while the bus is moving
  • Fighting
  • Throwing objects
  • Swearing
  • Disrespect to driver or other passengers

Action taken for Major Behaviour Problems (grade and age will be taken into consideration)

  • Driver reports incident to principal and home or call home by principal
  • Loss of recess/Lunch play(1-5 days)  to reflect, take ownership of incident and come up with plan to make it right
  • There will be a Written Bus Discipline Report sent to Bus Garage for tracking
  • There could be possible suspension from the bus (1 -5 days)
  • There could be a recommendation made to Bus Garage to have student suspended from bus for remainder of the school term.



In the News . . .

Grades 5/6 have completed their "In The News" projects with Mr. Tim Reeves-Horton from the Progress Bulletin.  Students learned how to write unbiased articles with a focus on change and community. You can see  their articles, interviews, and photos on the website below:



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