Bus Behaviour Expectations 2015-2016

The goal is to get home safe by being a RESPONSIBLE passenger on the bus!

Minor misbehaviours are:

  • Standing in seat, in aisles when bus is moving
  • Standing on seat
  • Changing seats. Seat changes are at discretion of driver. All students have assigned seating
  • Using a loud voice

Action Taken for Minor Misbehavior problems (age and grade will be taken into consideration)

  • The driver will tell the student to stop.
  • If behaviour continues, driver will report the problem to the principal and guardians for additional support in getting behaviour of student to change
  • If becomes chronic, loss of recess/lunch playtime (1 -2 days) to review expected bus behaviours, reflect and rethink their plan. Guardians are contacted for support.
  • Could result in bus seat change

 Major Misbehaviours are:

  •  Moving while the bus is moving
  • Fighting
  • Throwing objects
  • Swearing
  • Disrespect to driver or other passengers

Action taken for Major Behaviour Problems (grade and age will be taken into consideration)

  • Driver reports incident to principal and home or call home by principal
  • Loss of recess/Lunch play(1-5 days)  to reflect, take ownership of incident and come up with plan to make it right
  • There will be a Written Bus Discipline Report sent to Bus Garage for tracking
  • There could be possible suspension from the bus (1 -5 days)
  • There could be a recommendation made to Bus Garage to have student suspended from bus for remainder of the school term.



In the News . . .

Grades 5/6 have completed their "In The News" projects with Mr. Tim Reeves-Horton from the Progress Bulletin.  Students learned how to write unbiased articles with a focus on change and community. You can see  their articles, interviews, and photos on the website below:




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