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Bus Safety Rules

These are the Expected Behaviours while travelling on your school bus.  All students have the job of being a RESPONSIBLE passenger.

  • Always be at the bus stop on time
  • Remember to stand well back from the road
  • Wait until the bus has completely stopped before approaching
  • Never push as you are entering or exiting the bus
  • Take your designated seat as soon as you enter the bus
  • Stay seated until you arrive at your exit.  Bottom on the seat, no knees in the aisle.  Face the front.  No changing seats while bus is moving
  • Keep all your items in your bag
  • Listen to the Driver.  The Driver is the Boss!
  • Keep your arms and hands inside the bus at all times
  • Use a talking voice while on the bus
  • Playing with electronic games in appropriate way is fine
  • Use of headphones/ear buds for music is required
  • Use nice/appropriate words to talk to your friends while on the bus
  • Move away from the bus and the road as soon as you get off
  • Look both ways before crossing the street

Please discuss these rules with your child.  Your co-operation in passing along this important safety message is greatly appreciated.  Proper conduct must be ensured.  Failure of students to follow these rules may lead to suspension from the bus.  The SSRSB will hold parents/guardians of students who vandalize the school bus responsible for any damage done to the bus.

Student Peanut/Nut Allergies

There are PRES students who have peanut/nut allergies.  As a result, we ask parents to refrain from using peanut/nut products in their children's lunches.  We Thank you for your continuing cooperation regarding  our students' safety!


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