CKBW News -- Chickens At Petite Riviere Elementary Feeding Minds And Bellies

 Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2018 16:36 PM

This fall we reported on a project by Petite Riviere Elementary School to raise chickens.

The eggs have hatched and the chickens are now mature and laying eggs of their own.

Teacher, Kristy Boutilier says from building the chicken coop and run, to looking in on them on weekends, the community's support for the project has been overwhelming.

"I've had people from the community that I don't even know say, I've heard about the chicken project. I have some roofing that you might want to use, or, let's talk about power and how you want to do it."

Boutilier says they're breaking new ground with the project.

 "It is part of the curriculum to raise eggs and the life cycle is in a lot of different curriculum, grade two in particular. So that's been done in a school. But actually keeping them once they've hatched, on school property, not that I'm aware off."

Boutilier says students, teachers and the community all volunteer to care for the chickens.  As part of their studies, students are responsible for all chores during the week from feeding to collecting eggs.

Boutilier says it brings the school together as older kids mentor younger ones, helping each other learn and even teaching their teachers some things.A local farmer is helping them grade their eggs and Boutilier expects they'll be serving them in school soon.

Early Primary Registration Week January 15 – 19, 2018

     Students turning five years of age on or before December 31, 2018, are eligible to begin primary in September 2018. If your child will be starting school in September, please contact the appropriate catchment area elementary school in your community for early registration. Parents/Guardians will be required to present identification for their child with their date of birth (i.e.: birth certificate), health card number and expiry date, and proof of residence (i.e.: driver’s license, utility bill).  If you are unsure of which elementary school your child would attend, please check out the new Catchment Area Map on our website at or call the Bus Garage at 541-8252.


First Lego League Team

The First Lego League Team participated in their first event  Friday, November 24.  We were very proud of their efforts and continued growth in Lego Robotics.  The team will continue to practice with the Lego all year round with opportunities for younger students to experience what Lego Robotics is all about.  Thank you Mr. Helmer for helping to organize this special project.



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