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Student Peanut/Nut Allergies

There are PRES students who have peanut/nut allergies.  As a result, we ask parents to refrain from using peanut/nut products in their children's lunches.  We Thank you for your continuing cooperation regarding  our students' safety!

School Garden

Last Friday, the Kelley family’s Belgian horses — Kim and Belle — arrived to turn the soil using an old-fashioned tiller.  Thank you to all the parent and children volunteers who  helped.  Thanks to Tristan Kelley for donation of manure and horse power.

   Today, P/1 and 2/3 students planted beans, sunflowers, nastrumsiums and cosmos, etc.   The Grade 2/3 class enjoyed a veggie salad made with fresh lettuce from the garden today. 

   Next time you are at PRES, take a look at the work the students have done in the greenhouse and garden.  Please note, we are still looking for parent and/or community volunteers to help us maintain the garden over the summer.  If interested, please send a note to the school with your child or give us a call.


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